- Followers can share your promotional campaign

- Post education information regarding to your product or services -Target potential clients using suitable advertising tools


- Extremely visually appealing

- ‘Explore’ page increases exposure to potential customers

- Target potential clients using suitable advertising tools 3.Carousell - Sales Oriented Platform - Known for products being available at lower prices - Able to receive products within a short period of time Editor’s Choice We have done intensive research on the 3 platforms. In general, the most versatile platform will definitely be Facebook. Most users post their everyday life on their Facebook account, making Facebook a lifestyle app. The massive amount of content and information uploaded on Facebook everyday creates a platform for users to find out new information about their friends and family. By utilizing Facebook advertising tools, advertisements and marketing campaigns can be injected into the news feed of potential clients without irritating them. With the right amount of interesting content, the target audience might even share the post to their friends and family, indirectly increasing the organic exposure for your business.

So will you start using Facebook for your business today?

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