Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Marketing is a board term that covers both offline and online marketing. Back in the day, TV, newspapers and flyers were effective for lead generation. Now in this modern era, social media prevails. Because of the drastic changes in human behavior, We pinpoint our focus onto online marketing to reach your target audience.

Main factors you should shift to digital marketing immediately.

1. Marketing Budget - In the past, a full page ad on the newspaper can easily cost 10k to 20k. Now utilizing social media advertising, you can cut your budget in half while still hitting your marketing objective.

2. Wider reach - With digital marketing, you need not worry about poor ad placement as you can create engaging ads to reach your targeted audience without knowing about strategic placement.

3. Acquire real time stats - Online marketing reigns superior by which everything from impression, clicks, share, comments and many other useful data are made available to business owners

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