Are Facebook Ads Right For Your Business? Find Out Now!

  • Organic Reach Analysis

Learn how many people see your posts without Facebook advertising . (Even within your fan base, exposure isn't free.)

  • Cost-to-reach Calculator

Toggle between monthly budgets to see how spending a small amount on Facebook advertising can have a huge impact on your reach.

  • Learn about Targeting Options

Facebook advertising offers many ways to choose who sees your ads– we'll show you which are the best and teach you why!

Why Use the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator?

When your business posts to Facebook organically—without any paid advertising behind it—you are probably reaching less than 10% of your current audience. With Facebook Advertising, you have a wealth of information on your audience, and potential audiences, at your fingertips, which you can utilize to target existing customers and identify qualified leads affordably. Because we understand that mastering social advertising is not your job (it’s ours!), the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator walks through potential scenarios from budgeting to remarketing to make you aware of your business’ unique opportunity for growth through Facebook Advertising. You can quickly discover your true reach and use the Facebook Advertising Cost Calculator to see how many more leads and sales you could earn with a small Facebook advertising budget.

Facebook Ad Types

Facebook Advertising campaigns have a variety of formats which can push your different objectives. The best way to find which ad type is right for you is to first examine your business goals:

  • Page Post Engagement and Likes: Boost your posts to garner more likes. Promote your page to connect with more people who matter to your business.

  • App Installs and Engagement: Facebook Advertising allows a user to install an app straight from an ad, which increases the engagement within your app.

  • Local and Brand Awareness: Reach people in the area, or reach people who are more likely to become customers of your brand.

  • Event Responses: Effective Facebook Ads can raise attendance at your event.

  • Lead Generation: Easily collect leads for your business by advertising on Facebook.

  • Video Views: Create ads that entice more people to view your video.

  • Product Catalog Promotion: Show products from a catalog to people most likely to be interested through a targeted audience.

  • Clicks to Website and Website Conversions: Send people to your website through Facebook ads as well as increase conversions; these can be tracked through a conversion pixel.

  • Offer Claims: Generate offers for people to redeem in store

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